#EmprosInternationalSchool is one of the top nursery schools in Pune, Chinchwad.
It is the kind of school you and your kids always wanted. Now what exactly do parents and kids want from a school?
Let us answer this question, which would shed more light on this whole reason behind writing this piece.
  1. Would want a secure environment for his kid.
  2. Comprehensive education
  1. All the activities in the world
  2. Interactive studying methods
  3. Less homework
Now, not many schools in India specifically in the state of Maharashtra are even taking into play these concerns. For reasons, unknown?
This is where EMPROS International steps in.
Not only EMPROS has been established keeping in mind the concerns of parents and their children they also have their own salient features. 
A few of them:
  1. Smart, spacious digital classrooms
  2. Flipped classrooms for collaborative learning
  3. Activity and project based pedagogy
  4. Skills-based, student-centered, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning
  5. PSHE: Personal Social Health Education
  6. International quality of education embedded with Indian cultural value system.
  7. CBSE curriculum with added advantage of collaboration with University of Cambridge
  8. Psychometric tests, guidance and counseling
  9. International collaborations and faculty & student exchanges
  10. Lighter school bags
  11. Organized and supervised Prep classes for minimum homework
  12. Technology aided teaching
  13. No parent homework
  14. Optimum teacher student ratio [30 students per class]
  15. State of art infrastructure
  16. Multi purpose soft court for a variety of games
  17. Excellent Day Care Facility in association with Pumpkin Patch


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