Creative Teaching at ASM’s IBMR

ASM’s Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) continually pushes the boundaries of teaching and education in post graduate studies. What sets them apart are their unique teaching methodologies.

IBMR does not believe in mere classroom teaching. They defy the traditional teaching system by using a variety of creative methods, which include:
  1. Case studies
  2. Co-curricular activities
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Industry-Institute-Interfacing
  5. Industry visits
  6. Interactive business games
  7. Inter-collegiate competitions
  8. Mentoring & counseling
  9. Overseas internships
  10. Presentations
  11. Seminars
  12. Study tours
  13. Team building exercises
  14. Workshops
Studying Live Cases

Case studies are one of the main methodologies used to expose the students to practical situations that take place in various industries today. The case studies are created by the in-house faculty in collaboration with CETYS University, Mexico (WASC accredited) and Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland.

Topics include current affairs associated with the Indian economy. Live case studies of current issues and situations of various industries in Mexico are also used. This exposes the students and increases their knowledge of current industry situations in India and abroad.  It also helps them to strengthen their research, presentation, and communication skills. So far, more than 100 case studies have been created and used.

A Competitive Edge

What is creativity without a little bit of fun? The faculty at ASM’s IBMR understands this thought perfectly well. This is why they also teach the students via case study competitions. Two competitions – PERCEPT and EVOLVE – are used as platforms where students can showcase their skills and capabilities in terms of research, creativity, presentation, communication, and solution thinking. The competitions are essentially designed to help the students develop their knowledge and skills. Also, the events bring out the competitive spirit among the students, giving them an opportunity to compete with fellow students and prove their educational excellence.

Getting Industry Approval

The faculty at ASM’s IBMR have also taken their case study approach to a new level with a case study competition called MINDSCAPE. They send the best case studies to industry scions in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, FMCG, and communications. They present the case studies to these companies to showcase the resolution and efforts of the ASM faculty and students.

This trinity of creative study, competitions, and industry approval give the IBMR students a competitive edge in the job market in terms of knowledge, skill, and growth. This is one of the many reasons why ASM’s IBMR is one of the leading PGDM institutes in Pune.


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