Know About the Best College in India that Offers Master of Computer Application

ASM – IBMR is one of the preeminent and reputed management institutes in India with long standing tradition of innovative and quality teaching. It offers three years full time Master of Computer Application program of outstanding quality to aspiring candidates for building a promising career in the vastly establishing field of Information Technology and related disciplines. The course, which is affiliated to Pune University, provides a comprehensive and profound knowledge base on both theoretical and application oriented subjects pertaining to software development.

ASM – IMBR – Growing at an impressive speed

ASM –IBMR has a reputed place and renowned name in the industry due to the sustained delivery of quality education in par with the requirements of candidates and expectations of employers. Our Master of Computer Application department is blessed with an experienced team of faculty who possess excellent academic track records and proficiency. They actively participate in various intricate research and development activities for finding innovative ways and techniques to groom the students for a successful career in the IT industry. Also we possess excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art computer labs for enhancing the learning experience of MCA students.

With three years of rigorous classroom training and practical learning, you will be able to plan, design and build complicated commercial application software and system software. ASM-IBMR provides concept-oriented subject knowledge and thus strives to deliver some of the brightest minds to the exigent world of computers and technology.

ASM-IBMR has maintained a user-friendly and simple website to provide you with all the necessary information on our full time course in Master of Business Administration. Kindly visit our webstie for further details on the objectives, admission procedures, eligibility, internship, institute level admission and syllabus of the course.


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