Full Time Courses for Management Students in Pune

Pune has attracted various students across the world aspiring for full time courses in the field of management. These courses are offered by the prestigious University of Pune, or you can go for the various colleges and institutes which are affiliated to the University. These are equally reputed and offer high infrastructural and instructional facilities. 

One such reputed institute is ASM IBMR (Institute of Business Management and Research). Established 27 years ago, it has offered placement opportunities to thousands of alumni in reputed organizations all over the country and even abroad. Among the various full time courses in the field of management, ASM IBMR offers are:

• Master's Degree in Computer Management (MCM) – the MCM Pune course is designed with an aim to nurture IT professionals that are integral to every industry sectors. With pivotal industry segments like banking, industrial, PSUs going the IT way, there are urgent need for competent professionals. Hence, there is no dearth of jobs for deserving candidates.
• Master of Marketing Management (MMM) – Just like IT professionals, the demand for marketing experts is also the need of the hour. This holds especially true today, as more and more aggressive promotional and marketing strategies are being employed every day. At ASM IBMR, we train our students to deal with the everyday challenges in the marketing field; hence they are placed in reputed organizations across the world.
• Master's Degree Course in Business Administration (MBA) - Doing MBA in Pune guarantees placement opportunities in the city itself. As Pune is dotted with many reputed industry sectors that include the corporate and the IT sector, the demand for MBA professionals is increasing with every financial year.
• Master's Degree in Personnel Management (MPM) – Personnel managers are required in IT, Manufacturing and Service Sectors. Job opportunities on successful completion of this course include options like HR Officers, Labor Welfare Officers in HR and Personnel departments.

Other equally important full time courses offered by this institute are Master of Computer Application (MCA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade (PGDFT). For more information please go through our website.


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