Part Time Courses for Working Professionals at IBMR

If you are working professional and yet is aspiring to go for a PGDBM course, then IBMR has the right answers for you. Yes, we have designed a wide range of part time courses that are just right for people like you. Our course curriculum adheres to international standards of teaching methodologies, and you can get a slice of the best without compromising on your present work schedule. You also do not have to compromise on accessing the Institute’s facilities when studying part-time.

The various part time PGDBM courses you can go for in ASM IBMR are:

The course that falls under Diploma Course in Business Management (P.G.D.B.M.) is Executive MBA program, Pune. If you are already working in the corporate sector, you will realize how this course is important to climb up higher in the career ladder. The two year PGDM enables students to pursue MBS (equivalent to MBA) which will put them on a fast track to professional growth.

This acronym stands for Master's Degree in Business Studies (M.B.S.). Considered equivalent to executive MBA, this course would enable successful candidates to have excellent opportunities for career growth and better prospects in their areas of specialization.

A Post Graduate Diploma Course in Materials and Logistics Management would enable a professional to compete in an environment where logistics management has become an important business advantage. People already working with logistics companies and marketing industries can use it to their maximum advantage to get better promotions and perks.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Marketing Management is designed for those who wish to grow to the level of senior executives in industrial and commercial establishments in the area of Marketing & Sales. Our part time PGDMM has helped many working professionals to take a step forward in the career ladder.

Apart from that we also offer Ph.D. in Computer/Management at IBMR. Come to us and enroll yourself today. Spend quality time with family and devote time to work, without compromising on your income levels with part time courses from ASM IBMR.


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